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"Everything I have achieved in football is due to playing football in the streets with my friends"
Zinedine Zidane
Former World Cup winner - France

Importance of respect, pride, positivity & passion - the 4 important ingredients of being not just a great footballer, but for being an equally great person & role model on & off the pitch.

Respect for each other is of prime importance for a positive and enjoyable existence. Learning to show respect for everybody is an important life lesson and something that the team at Street Kings UK enjoy delivering.

At Street Kings UK our players can expect to experience something completely different to the traditional world of football, what makes us stand out and puts us above the rest is :-

  • Upbeat music is played throughout all our events and coaching sessions.
  • State of the art inflatable equipment are used to enhance all session delivery and enjoyment.
  • Individual training methods - (each player gets a booklet to record their achievements and track progress)
  • Achievement based training - 5 levels to complete and become a Street Kings graduate.
  • Regular street soccer tournaments hosted both locally and nationwide.
  • We focus on enjoying our beautiful game - football, over everything else.

When we look at images of Ronaldinho or Gazza in their prime, the first thing you will notice is the smiles on their faces as they do what they love - often their obvious passion for the game encourages others to lace their boots up and do just the same.

No matter what a players ability is, enjoying the beautiful game is fundamental to their continued involvement. At Street Kings UK we believe that by keeping children in the game for as long as possible gives them the opportunity to not only master their skills but also develop as good citizen within society. Street Kings UK offers a perfect plaform to learn & enjoy football.

We don't sell you the dream or promise to put you on a path to stardom (a great player will always do that for themselves), what we do promise is fun, enjoyment and a smile on faces at the end of each session delievered by Street Kings UK.

As footballers we all just want to get out a play whether is on the pitch or the street.

This instinct is within us from an early age, Street Kings UK provides that platform to our young players and believes that mindset should not be taken away too early. Their comes a time when tactics and positions become important but when children are learning, expressing themselves without shackles and mastering the game - having fun and enjoyment is the primary objective.

When we look at the great footballers of the world, the likes of Rooney, Ronaldinho, Messi & Ibrahimovic there are constant themes that run through all their backgrounds - they all had raw talent, learned their skills on the street and were allowed to blossom naturally.

We embrace players making mistakes - how ever big or small, they can't improve their decision making without learning from them - this is important. You cannot coach passion but you can create a platform for a player to find and ignite theirs - at Street Kings UK we understand the importance of not over coaching but nurturing raw talent.

"It makes me laugh when I see people trying to coach kids. You cannot coach seven-year-olds. I was never coached & I bet John Barnes was never coached, or Peter Beardsley, or Paul Gascoigne."

Chris Waddle - Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United & England.

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Street Kings UK - providing football themed football parties, football fundraisers & football kids coaching in Stafford, Shrewbury & Telford, Shropshire

“Street Kings are different from other coaching companies - they use fun as the driving force and have created a zero pressure environment for kids to just play football without boundaries.”
Tobi Alabi - Former Millwall FC striker