Top 5 Technically Gifted Players in the Premier League Today

There is no question that one of the best things about watching football, at any level, be it the local park or the premier league is witnessing a technically gifted player at work. Their love of the game and passion for what they do, creating a moment in time…Read More

There is no question that one of the best things about watching football, at any level, be it the local park or the premier league is witnessing a technically gifted player at work. Their love of the game and passion for what they do, creating a moment in time that true football fans will watch over and over again on YouTube or on social media.

Street Kings UK believe that these gifted players are the heart and soul of the game and lets face it, as a spectator sport, the reason most fans part with their hard earned money. If the fans cease to be entertained, everything else will grind to a halt.

I could go on discussing why there will always be a need for gifted players and special talents in our game but instead have decided to celebrate 5 players who have continued to beat to the sound of their own drum in a league that desires conformity.

#5 David Silva

Manchester City – Midfielder – Pinpoint creative passer & Deadball specialist

It is fair to say that at the heart of most attacking moves or goals Manchester City have scored over the last few seasons, you will find the diminutive Canarian. Silva combines great technical ability with awareness, vision and impeccable decision making. He plays his football to benefit the team at all times, whilst also having the guile to be able to know when a defence splitting pass is a better option than a shot or a crafty dribble is better than a pass.

David Silva keeps his opposition guessing as he selects his chosen weapon from his armoury, whilst his sky blue colleagues have learned to trust that he will select the most useful option to destroy even the most stubborn defensive unit. Give Silva the ball and it is safe to say something positive will happen.

#4 Hatem Ben Arfa

Hull City (loan from Newcastle United) – Midfielder – Pace, agility & skill

His spell in England may not of run completely smoothly so far but there is no argument to be had when discussing Ben Arfa on talent alone, maybe he hasn’t found a true home on these shores yet but the tricky Frenchman certainly has the ability to push his way into any starting XI in the land.

Ben Arfa is perhaps an example of those classed as a “luxury” player but on form and in the mood he can change the game in an instant. He has the ability to beat any number of players and grab the headlines with a match winning moment, yes we need to see him do this more often but due to his flicks, tricks and self-assured swagger Ben Arfa will always remain a fans favourite wherever he goes.

#3 Wayne Rooney

Manchester City – Striker – Pinpoint passing, FK & shot accuracy,

Possibly a surprise inclusion in this list for many people, with reports of him being in decline and passed his best being muted in the media but Rooney still has a lot to offer his club and country. After bursting onto the scene at a young age as a Striker, it was inevitable his career would always be under scrutiny but Wayne is one of those very special talents that would do a job in any position, play him at centre-back and he would still do a job.

Rooney can drop deep and ping a pinpoint 40 yard pass to a winger, he can hustle and harass the opposition into mistakes, he can link the play and is happy in possession anywhere on the pitch, he always wants the ball.

As he has got older he has been forced to change and adapt his game in order to fit into teams but it is safe to say his ability on the ball will allow longevity to his career and lets be fair his goal scoring return still isn’t bad considering he is no longer an out and out striker.

#2 Eden Hazard

Chelsea FC – Midfielder – Pace, skills & creative passing

After taking a season to settle and find his feet in a league that is a lot faster to the rest of Europe Hazard has started to take the Premier League by storm. As a player he is maturing and realising when a simple 5 yard pass is more effective than beating his man and we think he is set to fire Chelsea to the league title, alongside surely some personal accolades.

Hazard, a lot like David Silva has developed his decision making, nobody ever doubted his individual ability but he was sometimes guilty of choosing to beat one more man rather than make that decisive pass, as he has matured however he can now toy with opposition as he decides which option will create a scoring opportunity fastest.

Eden Hazard has unbelievable ability to create opportunity from nothing, if there is nothing else on, beating his marker is second nature to him and something he has done since a very early age.

#1 Adel Taarabt

QPR – Midfielder – Creative passing, tricks, skills & FK specialist.

Again, potentially a surprise inclusion to this list but those who watch football to be entertained will understand his selection.

Taarabt is somewhat of an enigma, some would say moody, others would say arrogant but for all those negative descriptions we would argue one of the most naturally gifted player the premier league has to offer, on his day he can destroy teams on his own.

The quote “to me a nutmeg is a goal” could ultimately prove to be his downfall in the professional game but for those fans who are lucky enough to watch him at a game that he decides to boss, they will be in agreement that as a talent he is up there with the best. If a manager can get the best out of Taarabt on a regular basis, we are certain that, that club would benefit and he could blossom into one of the games most celebrated players.

At Street Kings we actively promote using skills, technique and loads of stuff